1. Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam requires about 110 Scientific Officer 'E' & 'D', Technical Officer 'C' & 'D', Category I & II Trainees Last Date : 20 days after publication 2. Centre for Marine Living Resources and Ecology, Kochi requires 104 Project Scientists, Research Fellows and Technical Assistants and Field Assistants Last Date : 30.09.2012 3. Central Ordnance Depot, Dehu Road requires 44 LDC, Barber, Packer, Sawyer, Messenger and Mazdoor Last Date : 21 days after publication 4. Cordite Factory, Aruvankadu requires 20 Labourer (Semiskilled) Last Date: 21 days after publication 5. National Institute of Rock Mechanics, Champion Reefs, Kolar Gold Fields, requires 16 Scientist/Scientific/Supporting/ Administrative Staff Last Date : 30 days after publication 6. Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited, Neyveli requires 14 Hindi Translators Last Date : 06.10.2012 7. RITES Limited, Gurgaon invites applications for recruitment of Graduate Executive Trainees (GET)-2012 in various disciplines** span>

Sunday, July 13, 2008



1. Which one of the following rivers originates near Mahabaleshwar ?
(A) Godavari
(B) Krishna
(C) Kaveri
(D) Tapi

2. With reference to the climate of India, the western disturbances originate over which one of the following ?
(A) Arabian Sea
(B) Baltic Sea
(C) Caspian Sea
(D) Mediterranean Sea

3. In which one of the following states is the Nanga Parbat peak located ?
(A) Sikkim
(B) Himachal Pradesh
(C) Jammu and Kashmir
(D) Uttarakhand

4. In India, which of the following are the Southernmost hills ?
(A) Anaimalai hills
(B) Cardamom hills
(C) Nilgiri hills
(D) Javacli hills

5. Where are the coal reserves of India largely concentrated ?
(A) Son valley
(B) Mahanadi valley
(C) Damodar valley
(D) Godavari valley

6. Which of the following Indian island lies between India and Sri Lanka ?
(A) Elephanta
(B) Nicobar
(C) Rameshwaram
(D) Salsette

7. In which state do the Mansoon arrives first ?
(A) Assam
(B) West Bengal
(C) Maharashtra
(D) Kerala

8. Which one of the following Indian states leads in the production of rubber ?
(A) Tamil Nadu
(B) Karnataka
(C) Kerala
(D) Andhra Pradesh

9. Which one of the following areas of India does not come under the zone of high seismic intensity ?
(A) Uttarakhand
(B) Karnataka Plateau
(C) Kachchh
(D) Himachal Pradesh

10. Between which ranges does the Kashmir valley in the Himlayas lie ?
(A) Siwalik and Pir Panjal
(B) Pirpanjal and Dhauladhar
(C) Zanskar and Pir Panjal
(D) Dhauladhar and Zanskar

11. Indravati is a tributary of which river ?
(A) Ganga
(B) Godavari
(C) Krishna
(D) Mahanadi

12. Which one of the following Indian rivers forms an estuary ?
(A) Godavari
(B) Kaveri
(C) Tapi
(D) Mahanadi

13. What is the name of the major base of Indian Navy at Karwar ?
(A) INS Kadamba
(B) INS Vikramaditya
(C) INS Harshvardhan
(D) INS Kushan

14. Where is Thattekad Bird Sanctuary located ?
(A) Kerala
(B) Tamil Nadu
(C) Karnataka
(D) Andhra Pradesh

15. In which one of the following states of India is the Pamayangtse Monastery situated ?
(A) Nagaland
(B) Himachal Pradesh
(C) Sikkim
(D) Arunachal Pradesh

16. What is the median age (approximate) of the Indian population ?
(A) 25 years
(B) 29 years
(C) 32 years
(D) 35 years

17. Which one of the following is not correctly matched ?
(A) NH 2 — Delhi - Kolkata
(B) NH 4 — Chennai - Thane
(C) NH 3 — Agra - Mumbai
(D) NH 9 — Delhi - Mumbai

18. Nagda is well known as a centre of production of—
(A) Steel
(B) Automobiles
(C) Viscose staple fibre
(D) Electric motors

19. Where is the college of defence management Located ?
(A) Dehradun
(B) Wellington
(C) Pune
(D) Secunderabad

20. In which state is the hydel power project Nathpa Jhakari located ?
(A) Himachal Pradesh
(B) Uttarakhand
(C) Jammu and Kashmir
(D) Madhya Pradesh

21. Which one of the following pairs is correctly matched—
(A) Haldia : Orissa
(B) Jamnagar : Maharashtra
(C) Numaligarh : Gujarat
(D) Panangudi : Tamil Nadu

22. Assertion (A) : The Gangatic plains are among the most beautiful agricultural areas of the world.
Reason (R) : The Gangetic plains contain predominatly regur soil.
Codes :
(A) Both A and R are individually true and R is the correct explanation of A
(B) Both A and R are individually true but R is not the correct explaination of A
(C) A is true but R is false
(D) A is false but R is true

23. Which of the following states has the highest production of coffee in India ?
(A) Karnataka
(B) Tamil Nadu
(C) Kerala
(D) Andhra Pradesh

24. The length of the Indian coast line is—
(A) 5000 km
(B) 5500 km
(C) 7516·6 km
(D) 5800 km

25. The Bodo language is spoken in which of the following states ?
(A) Mizoram
(B) Tamil Nadu
(C) Assam
(D) Arunachal Pradesh

26. How many National waterways are there in India ?
(A) 3
(B) 5
(C) 7
(D) 9

27. Which state of India has the highest population density ?
(A) UP
(B) Kerala
(C) West Bengal
(D) Bihar

28. Consider the following statements about Uttar Pradesh—
1. Geographical area of UP is about 2,41,000 sq. kms.
2. Sex Ratio in UP as per 2001 census was 933 females per 1000 males.
3. UP has 17 Revenue Divisions.
4. Literacy percentage in UP as per 2001 census was 60·1.
Which among the following statement is not correct.
(A) 1 and 2
(B) 2 and 4
(C) 3 and 2
(D) 4 and 1

29. Who is known as "Father of white Revolution" in India ?
(A) M. S. Swaminathan
(B) V. Kurien
(C) K. N. Bahl
(D) B. P. Pal

30. In the Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh states, the joint "Rajghat River Valley Project" is launched on—
(A) Ken River
(B) Son River
(C) Chambal River
(D) Betwa River

31. Consider the following statements and select the correct answer from the code given below—
1. Indias population is characterised by a high growth rate.
2. With the current growth rate it is likely to over take China in the near future.
3. Out of every six persons of the world one is an Indian.
4. About 40% of the India's population is below the poverty line level.
Codes :
(A) 1, 2 and 3 are correct
(B) 2, 3 and 4 are correct
(C) 1, 3 and 4 are correct
(D) 1, 2 and 4 are correct

32. Which state in country has the largest number of districts ?
(A) Madhya Pradesh
(B) Maharashtra
(C) Tamil Nadu
(D) Uttar Pradesh

33. Which of the following rivers have almost the same point of emerging ?
(A) Brahmaputra and Ganga
(B) Tapi and Beas
(C) Brahmaputra and Indus
(D) Indus and Ganga

34. In which state of India is the maximum area irrigated by tubewells ?
(A) Madhya Pradesh
(B) Bihar
(C) Rajasthan
(D) Uttar Pradesh

1. (B) 2. (A) 3. (C) 4. (B) 5. (C)
6. (C) 7. (D) 8. (C) 9. (B) 10. (C)
11. (B) 12. (C) 13. (A) 14. (A) 15. (C)
16. (C) 17. (D) 18. (C) 19. (D) 20. (A)
21. (D) 22. (C) 23. (A) 24. (C) 25. (C)
26. (D) 27. (C) 28. (B) 29. (B) 30. (D)
31. (A) 32. (D) 33. (C) 34. (D)